Art is for Everybody: How Accessibility in Art Enhances Our Culture

In the profound words of Keith Haring, "Art is for Everybody," we find a truth that is as timeless as art itself. Historically, art was the purview of the elite, a treasure behind the velvet ropes of society's upper echelon. Original masterpieces were sequestered in the hallowed halls of private collections or displayed in museums that charged a premium for entry. However, the democratization of art has become a cultural cornerstone, ensuring that art is accessible to all, irrespective of social status or financial means.

The Democratization of Art: A Historical Perspective

The journey of art from private galleries to the palms of the public has been a significant one. In Renaissance Florence, art was often commissioned by wealthy patrons and displayed in private villas and chapels. It wasn't until the advent of public museums in the 18th century that the masses could gaze upon these works. Yet, even then, access was not entirely democratic, as some museums were often the privilege of the few who could afford the entry fee.
The true democratization of art gained momentum with the public domain movement, a legal designation that allowed the works of early and modern masters to be reproduced and shared freely once copyright expired. This shift marked a pivotal moment in cultural history, bringing masterpieces out of the shadows and into the public eye.

Original Art on Things: Embracing Art's Accessibility

At 'Original Art on Things', we embody Haring's ethos that art is for everyone. Our mission has always been to make art widely accessible. We began with a simple idea: to transfer original art onto tangible items – art prints, canvas prints, and a diverse range of graphic tees – making them available to a broader audience at an affordable price.
Our collection of graphic tees for all genders is not just fashion; it's a canvas for cultural expression. By incorporating public domain works of renowned artists into our merchandise, we've made it possible for you to carry a piece of history with you, whether it's through a graphic t-shirt emblazoned with a timeless painting or a canvas print that brings a museum piece into your living room.

Why Art Accessibility Matters

The importance of art's accessibility cannot be overstated. Art is a dialogue that spans centuries; it's the visual manifestation of ideas and culture. When everyone has access to art, they have access to diverse perspectives and a deeper understanding of the human experience.
Moreover, when we talk art reproductions on graphic tees and merchandise, we aren't just talking about a trend. We are discussing wearable expressions that allow individuals to connect with art in a personal and daily way. It's a form of democratization that takes the art off the walls and lets it live, breathe, and move around in society.


In making art prints and graphic tees accessible, we are not just selling products; we are fostering a culture where art is an integral part of everyday life. 'Original Art on Things' stands at the intersection of historical art and contemporary lifestyle, proving that art's place is everywhere and for everyone.
Art, in its truest form, is a shared experience. With every art print and graphic tee we create, we extend an invitation to share in this experience – to engage with art, to appreciate it, and to let it inspire.

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